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New flowmeters, low consumption, according to the principle of the bubble bubble (self-cleaning), dedicated to the flow measurements in isolated site associated or not with a central acquisition, being declined :

HYDRO D1101: 1 meter water height (full scale)

HYDRO D1105: 5 meters water height (full scale)



Industrial sites, rivers, wastewater treatment plants, ...


Thanks to its compact compressed air generator, the HYDRO D1100 range measures the level by means of that of the injection pressure of a low air flow at the foot of the water column.

This pressure is applied to a silicon membrane sensor which delivers a signal proportional to the height of water upstream of the weir or of the contraction.

The level is then converted into flow by a "Q(H) curve" defined by a parametric formula or by a set of pairs of points (H,Q).

The measured level and the calculated flow are available in the form of an analog output, a serial copy, or from the SDI12, MODBUS, RTU or ASCII protocols.

  • Technical details

    I. has the following basic elements and functions :

    - Temperature compensation of the different measurements and outputs

     - Compensation of the water height measurement according to the different influence quantities

    - A provision of the measurement in the form of an analog copy on a 4-20mA or 0-10V output or a digital message on an SDI12 or RS232, RS485 link? USB, PSTN, GSM,….

    - An RS232 type COM1 serial link for communication with a PC in terminal mode for configuration and local operation or HYDRO PC for downloading Q(H) curves

    - An RS232 or RS485 type COM2 link for digital copying of the measurement in ISP8 message format, in order to maintain upward compatibility with our old equipment (ALPHEE, DPN7)

    - Order for 2 samplers

    II. optionally has :

    - 2 other analog outputs 4-20mA or 0-10V

    -Modbus protocol on COM2 serial link when the ISP8 type message is not activated

    - “HYDROLOGIC current values” protocol on COM2 link when ISP8 or Modbus type messages are not used

    - A library (curves download): 71 standard HYDROLOGIC curves + 30 user curves per point + 20 user curves per formula

    - A Human Machine Interface consisting of a 4-line LCD display of 20 alphanumeric characters and a 6-key touch keyboard

    - 3 logic outputs

    - The HYDRO PC software for operation

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