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Flow transmitter without level sensor.


Capable of operating with all types of level sensors with analog voltage 0-10 V or current 4-20 mA output :

Hydrostatic pressure with submerged piezoresistive probe Air or submerged ultrasonic rangefinder Radar….


The Level is then converted into flow by a “Q(H) curve” defined by a parametric formula or by a set of pairs of points (H, Q). The filtered level and the calculated flow are available in the form of an analog output, a serial copy, or from the SDI12, MODBUS RTU or ASCII protocols.


Declining :

HYDRO D1401: 1 meter water height (full scale)

HYDRO D1405: 5 meters water height (full scale)



ndustrial sites, reservoirs, rivers, groundwater, wastewater treatment plants, environmental control, ...

  • Détails

    It has the following elements and functions as standard :

    • Temperature compensation of the various measurements and outputs
    • Definition of the type of sensor, minimum and maximum of the measurement scale…
    • Provision of flow measurement in the form of analog copy on a 420 mA or 0-10V output or digital message on SDI12 or RS232, RS485, USB, RTC, GSM link, etc.
    • An RS232 type COM1 serial link for communication with a PC in terminal mode (for local configuration and operation), or in exchange with the HydroPC software for history operation according to a proprietary protocol
    • An RS232 or RS485 type COM2 link for digital copying of the measurement in ISP8 message format, in order to maintain upward compatibility with our old equipment (ALPHEE, DPN7, etc.)
    • A Human Machine Interface consisting of a 4-line LCD display of 20 alphanumeric characters and a 6-key touch keyboard
    • One order for 2 samplers
    • Alarm thresholds on programmable logic outputs

    It has as an option :

    • Modbus protocol on COM2 serial link when the ISP8 type message is not activated
    • “HYDROLOGIC current values” protocol on COM2 link when ISP8 or Modbus type messages are not used
    • Associated measurements (pH, temperature, etc.)
    • A warning network Q(h) multi-curves as well as a library of curves (71 standard HYDROLOGIC curves + 30 user curves per point and 20 user curves per formula)
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