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Industrials plants, tanks and reservoirs, rivers, groundwater, meteorology, hydrology, hydrogeology, hydrometry, environmental control, ...

New waterlevel meter sensor, low power consumption, working on the bubbling principle and designed to measure in remote area together with/ or not a datalogger. Several ranges are available:
HYDRO L1105 : 5 meters water dpth (full scale)
HYDRO L1110 : 10 meters water dpth (full scale)
HYDRO L1120 : 20 meters water dpth (full scale)

Thanks to its integrated compact air generator, HYDRO L1100 levelmeters measures the waterlevel by sending a small continuous pressure at a low flow to the bottom of the water column. This pressure is then applied to a silicium membrane sensor wich delivers a signal proportionnal to the waterlevel.
The level measured can be transmitted as an analog signal, a serial signal, or under protocol SDI12 as standard ; Modbus, RTC or ASCII, PN2 current values can be supplied as option.
  • Details

    The HYDRO L1100 levelmeter comes standard with the following features

    Temperature compensation of the measurements and outpouts
    The water depth compensation according to the influence factors
    The user have several possibilities : the water level measurement can be transmitted as an
    analog signal 4-20mA ou 0-10V or as a numeric message through physical ports SDI12, RS232 or RS485
    Very low power consumption instrument ideal for remote area survey
    The SDI12 serial port can be used as well for programming or transmitting the measurements
    The serial port COM1 RS232 type is used to communicate directly with a PC in terminal mode (for the setting and local operating)
    A serial port COM2 RS232 / RS485 type is used to transmit the corresponding numerical value of the measurement with an ISP8 format in order to maintain the compatibility with our former instruments type LPN8

    HYDRO L1100 can be optionnaly delivered with the following features

    2 extra analog outpouts 4-20mA ou 0-10V
    Modbus protocol on serial port COM2 if the numerical message ISP8 is not activated
    Protocol « HYDROLOGIC current values » on COM2 if the numerical message ISP8 or the modbus protocol are not activated
    An external nitrogen bottle can be connected to the system in order to take over from the integrate air generator if the power supply becomes to low to ensure a normal working of the level meter
    A display with a LCD color screen and a sensitive 6 buttom keypad
    An external 7bar compressor in the deeper enclosure
    An air dryer
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